Successful Mothers

Successful mothers

Working mothers have tons of responsibilities and very little time. It is a tough job being a full-time mother and professional and it will remain that way until the end of time. And if you are married, that just adds to the pressure. For that reason, if we can get secrets to success and avoiding the challenges experienced by mothers with more experience we need to embrace them and apply them!
If you put your kids to bed in their clothes, I won’t judge you because being a working mom is friggin’ hard. I try not to judge my sisters in the struggle. And I am generally open to anything that is intended to make our lives easier, save us time and make us feel less guilty. One area of opportunity for most working moms is the morning routine. Your morning routine has the ability to influence your entire day. If your routine is stressful and chaotic chances are your workday will be too. You will question why you’re working, contemplate quitting, and yell at someone at some point. You may yell at your kids, your spouse or that S.O.B that cuts you off in traffic!

The best way to be a successful working mom is to make your own rules. There is no “right” way to make it work. If you believe that there is, you will just drive yourself insane. You’ll most likely develop a case of low self-esteem because you’ll be comparing yourself to some perfect working mom that you heard about who is never late, her kids never object to going to bed, and she always looks fabulous. If you, like me can be late, have great children who are sometimes very opinionated, still manage to get yourself together while occasionally having a bad hair day, you have to figure out how to get everything done in a way that works for you and your family. Luckily, my kids are pretty much grown. How do you wunderful mothers get through your daily routines? I would love to hear from you.

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