How About A Few Beauty Secrets?

So I'll lay out where to find good makeover games, and how to ...

If you’re anything like me, you too, hate getting ready every morning. We all follow a daily routine and anything we can do to make things easier and more efficient, would be great. These simple beauty tips will speed up your beauty routine and have you looking your best every single day. You absolutely need to know these easy and effective ways to use makeup.
Are you tired of reapplying your lipstick several times throughout the day? Simply apply it like usual in the morning and then place a tissue over your lips. Dust some translucent powder over your lips and your lipstick will last all day!
The perfect cat eye is one of the hardest beauty tricks to pull off. Make it easier by using a credit card to create the perfect angled line. Simply hold the card against your lower lash line to create the right angle and then apply your shadow and liner.
Use strategic highlighting to look more awake, when you can’t get enough zzz’s. A white or light-colored eyeliner used in your tear duct area makes you look more awake. Also try using concealer over a larger area under your eyes.
Are you tired of your expensive mascara getting all clumpy after only a month? Just mix a couple of drops of contact solution in the tube and it will be as good as new. But don’t use any mascara more than three months or it can put you at risk of eye infections.
It’s super easy to get longer, thicker eyelashes without extensions or any crazy or expensive tricks. All you need is your regular mascara and a little baby powder. Just apply one coat of mascara, then dust on some baby powder with a Q-tip and then apply another coat of mascara and you’ll have instant long, thick lashes!
If you find yourself without eyeliner you can improvise with mascara. Just use a liner brush to sweep on some mascara just like you would eyeliner. Also, if you only have kohl eyeliner and you want gel eyeliner, just heat it up and it will look the same. You can use a hot setting on a blow dryer to be safe or a lighter but be sure to let it cool down before using it so you don’t burn yourself.
Are you always looking for ways to make your hair look thicker? A simple trick is to brush some eyeshadow in a color that matches your hair down your part, instantly hiding the fact that your hair is so thin.
I hope these simple tips are of some use to my wunder readers. If you have comments or questions, please let me know. Don’t forget to subscribe. Just add your email address at the top right side of the home page. Thank you.

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