20 Things You Should Start Doing

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• Drink a LOT of water and green tea.
• Eat a big breakfast, an average lunch and a tiny dinner.
• Eat fruits, vegetables and more natural foods.
• Go for a bike ride, walk or swim.
• Read a book…or twenty.
• Make it a point to go to bed earlier.
• Stop thinking negative thoughts about others and yourself.
• Don’t dwell on the past, turn it into art.
• Enjoy the little things in life.
• Do not judge or compare yourself to others.
• Try yoga or meditation.
• Reduce your processed food intake.
• Stretch daily to increase flexibility.
• Stop putting things off.
• Listen to peaceful music.
• Live in a tidy space.
• Wear clothes that make YOU happy.
• Throw away or donate things that you do not need.
• Make it a point to go outside more.
• Remember all the efforts that you are making, will pay off in the end!

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