Is The Way To A Man’s Heart Through His Stomach?

Is America Ready for the Return of National Offend a Feminist Week?

Yes I know that saying is eons old, but I have to wonder, does it still apply with today’s world? In my opinion I believe that there are different ways to a man’s heart, for example, through good food, through great attitude or maybe through emotional support and the list goes on. But the question at hand is if the old saying still holds or not. See I love to cook, and cooking for a man I care about is even better. But see, I’m beginning to wonder am I outdated?
Well, I would like to remain partial in accepting the fact that this theory works, because it totally depends on the individual involved and his likings, especially whether he can get attracted by food or not. It is not predictable because at times food might be a man’s priority while on another occasion he may be interested in something else. So there is no such hard and fast rule.
My great Aunt Lena used to say, “It is the face powder that attracts him but it is the baking powder that keeps him”. I believe the basic meaning of this is, a facial beauty attraction is a good start but the man will not be fully into it until he gets some tasty meals.
Our basic needs as human beings are food, shelter and clothing. Throughout the history it has primarily been the man who provides these things and the woman does the other stuff like cooking and all other home management duties, and it really develops a true bond between them.
I think the theory still works to some extent but only with a man who loves you. It is all about when you give him the right food at the right time. A good meal served in a wonderful atmosphere has its own magic. Although a woman can be a best cook ever, but if the guy is not interested in her then even a good food won’t change anything. He will be in for the food and nothing else. The guy has to love you for you, not whether you can cook well for him because these things can be learned later, but if he does not like you then we are facing a problem here.
So finally I would like to say that it is not advisable to get to a man’s heart only through his stomach, because then the love lasts only till the stomach is filled.

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