5 Things That Can Ruin Your Manicure

        Visions of Whimsy

   nail biting 1. Nail Biting. This is one manicure foe we don’t have to explain. Not only does this habit fall into the “not cute” territory, but it prevents us from having a lifetime of nail bliss. Think about that next time your hands begin to make their way to your chompers!
every woman wants to look beautiful women can have perfect look only ... 2. Dehydrated Hands. Dry, itchy and irritated hands can wreak havoc on your cuticles and manicures. Keep dryness at bay by having a nourishing hand lotion on you all day. Try a long-lasting formula like Neutrogena’s Nail and Hand Cream.

              Washing hands: Washing hands 'affects moral judgment'  3. Over-Washing the Hands. We’re all for good hygiene, but it is possible to go overboard on the soap and water. Overdoing it can strip your hands of moisture and natural oils needed to keep your manicure intact, as well as break down the polish formula. If you’re a constant hand-washer, make sure to apply some hand lotion afterward to regain and retain moisture in your hands and nails. I happen to be a nanny and I change a lot of diapers, which also means I wash my hands a lot. Needless to say, I use a lot of lotion as well.
  4. Nail-Hardening Products. This one’s tricky, as there are many of us that suffer from thin, brittle nails and often need help in the strengthening process. Try using nail conditioners instead like Sally Hansen’s Nail Hardener. You can also go the vitamin route to strengthen those digits — vitamin B supplements are great for cultivating strong, healthy nails!
Brittle Nails: Causes & Treatment - Put On A Pair Of Gloves Whenever ...  5. Cleaning and Drying Solvents. Heavy-duty cleaning materials like bleach can leave your manicure in the dust, so make sure you wear gloves if you’re doing some serious disinfecting or cleaning around the house! That goes for you too, DIYers! Before you handle that a wood varnish or paint finisher, make sure your hands are covered!

Which of these manicure mistakes is your biggest problem? Tell us in the comments below! Don’t forget to subscribe.

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