Love/Hate Blogger Challenge



Today, I was asked to participate in the Love/Hate Challenge. The whole point is to list 10 things that I love and 10 things that I hate. I’m sure I would have no problem listing more so it’s going to be a challenge within itself, just to limit myself.
The person who was nice enough to include and nominate me was Stephy from stephysweetbakes. Thank you Stephy. I love doing stuff like this and like you, I too enjoy a good challenge. You need to check out this amazing blog. She has some of the most incredible recipes I have ever come across and the pictures are amazing. She is very sweet and also makes it a point to interact with you.
The 10 things that I love:
1. My family
2. Going for walks
3. Pinterest
4. Cooking and Baking
5. Spending time with my children
6. My blog because I love being creative and meeting people
7. Puppies and babies
8. Food
9. Naps
10. God

The 10 things that I hate:

1. The smell of fresh cut grass
2. Ignorant and ungrateful people
3. Bad Weather
4. Not having time for myself
5. A filthy kitchen
6. Disrespectful Children
7. Speaking in front of a crowd
8. Bad food
9. The sound of someone popping their gum
10. Child and animal abusers

I did it! That was a little harder than I thought it would be. I cannot wait to read other blogger responses.

My list of nominees are:

1. Watermalen –
2. Get Chaotic –
3. Lady Melady –
4. Styled By Lauren –
5. Arielle –
6. The Beautiful Blogger –
7. Italian Home Kitchen –
8. Shades of Beauty –
9. Jessie’s Budget Beauty –
10. Sarmichell3 –

To all of my nominees, you must make your love/hate list and also nominate others.
Thanks again to Stephy for nominating me, it was a pleasure.
Wunder Gurl

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