My Children Are My Everything


I have always tried taking my role as teacher seriously to my children. But it didn’t take me too long to realize that, more often than not, my children are the teacher and I am the student. I find that I go to them for help with a lot of things and they end up being a huge help and truly great to talk to.
Both me and my husband, began our attempt into parenthood with an impressive list of items we had hoped to teach our children through our actions and words, and another list of things I hoped they wouldn’t pick up from me. I wanted to teach them to live in the present, always consider others’ feelings, see humor in life, never say “I can’t”, and to give their best at anything they try.
I don’t want to teach them to procrastinate, criticize their bodies, underestimate their own abilities, run red lights, and lose their temper at inanimate objects. Hopefully, we didn’t fail too badly in any of those areas.
But over the weekend, watching my daughter and my son, Madison and Jalen, interact with each other, I was reminded that even though things have not been perfect over the years, that we did OK as parents. I have children that are sweet, caring, polite, smart and they still make me want to be a better parent even though Madison just turned 21 and my son is going on 15.
My children are my proudest achievements. They’re the first thing I think of when I wake up and the last thing I think of before I go to sleep. They are proof that my husband and I did two things right.
How much better would this world be if we took some tips from our children:
If you don’t know something, ask.
Believe in the unbelievable.
If you like somebody, tell them so.
Save your money for something you really want, and when you have enough, get it!
Sing and dance and laugh a little every day.
Have dreams.
Have heroes.
Sign your letters with X’s and O’s–and really mean it.
Apologize when you’re wrong.
Smile at lonely people.
Make wishes.
Make new friends.
Circle special occasions on your calendar, then count down the days.
Give gladly to those less fortunate.
Laugh when you’re happy.
Cry when you’re sad.
Get dressed up on your birthday.
Never see weeds. See wildflowers.
Deep in your heart believe that people are basically all the same.

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