Firecracker Red White and Blue CakeFirecracker Cake

If you’re looking to bring something to a 4th of July picnic, you can’t go wrong with this recipe. It looks patriotic and it’s delicious!


1 box Betty Crocker Super Moist white cake mix
1 Betty Crocker Whipped Fluffy White Frosting
Red and Blue Food Coloring
Bundt pan

American holidays are the perfect time to prepare beautiful red, white and blue desserts. My Firecracker Cake is fun to bake and will have everyone wondering how you got all the colors in there. The great thing about this cake is the short list of main ingredients—just cake mix, frosting and some food coloring. It’s the secret tricks in the baking and frosting that make it so beautiful.
I start by using Betty Crocker® SuperMoist® white cake mix. I mix it according to the directions on the box and then remove one cup of batter to which I add red food coloring and another cup of batter to which I add blue food coloring.
I first pour the red batter into a greased fluted tube pan and top it with the white batter and then the blue batter.
Bake according to the directions on the box. Once the cake is baked and cooled slightly, I turn it out onto a cooling rack over a baking sheet.
Once the cake is completely cool, equally divide the Betty Crocker® Whipped Fluffy White Frosting into three bowls. Microwave the white frosting for a few seconds on high until it is smooth enough to drizzle over the cake. With a spoon, drizzle the white frosting back and forth around the whole ring in a striping pattern until you use it all.
Then microwave one of the other bowls. Before drizzling, mix in a few drops of blue food coloring. Drizzle over the cake. Repeat with the third bowl of frosting and red food coloring, making sure you can see the red, white and blue colors. Set cake aside to dry.
As pretty as the cake looks on the outside, the inside also has a red white and blue surprise!

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