Pregnant Women Smoking


I would like to think that some pregnant women who smoke and/or drink alcohol are because like every other habit, it is hard to kick. For some women, it’s part of their social circle or the social class in which they come from. It may also be due to the lack of education or they simply don’t know the harmful effects these habits have on their unborn child. Until it was scientifically proven that alcohol and smoking were potentially harmful for an unborn child’s health, many women continued to smoke and drink throughout their pregnancies. Of course, there is always that small group of women and the loving families around them, which simply couldn’t care less, concerning the potential birth defects or long-term health problems their harmful habits may have on their child.
You may be wondering why I’m blogging about this topic. Everyone knows that you shouldn’t smoke while being pregnant, right? I mean we’ve all been taught this in health class, correct? OK, I’ll get to the point. I have a neighbor who happens to be 8 months pregnant and every day, I get the pleasure of watching this women smoke. It completely sickens me. I know, maybe you’re thinking, “Have you tried talking to her?” or “Maybe she doesn’t know any better.” Both I and my mother-in-law have stopped and talked to this woman and all she can say is “I know I shouldn’t smoke, but…” The worst part about this whole thing is that I have seen her boyfriend, her friends, her “mother-in-law”, and her step-mother, hand her cigarettes. Doesn’t ANYONE care about this baby? How does one encourage a mother carrying a baby, to smoke a cigarette?
I know part of the reason this bothers me so much is because my husband and I want another baby so bad but due to my age and previous health issues, I am unable to have any more children. Maybe I’m being judgmental, but I think this woman is being selfish and is not willing to make the life changes that becoming a good parent requires. All I can say is God bless this baby and pray that this little girl is born healthy.
If anyone has any comments or wishes to share in this discussion, please leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you. Until next time.

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