How Do You Manage Your Weekends?

... have a wonderful weekend, all your weekends I want to be like this

I’m not sure about your weekends but they are serious business for me. And that is the problem. My goal is to try to get everything done that I am unable to get done throughout the week. It never works out. I get up at 5am, Monday thru Friday so you would think getting up around 8:00am or 9:00am, would be sleeping in for me. It really is but I usually don’t get up until 11:00 or 12:00 unless I have an appointment to go to.
My list typically includes mission-critical tasks such as laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, painting fingers and toes, making meals and preparing for the upcoming week. I usually try to watch a few movies and get in a nap or two. That is before anything is planned for fun or relaxation, which sometimes feels like added chores anyway.
I have found that sometimes, planning my weekends, leads to paralysis-by-planning. Nothing seems to get done and I end up being more tired at the end of the weekend than when it started. Of course, I know I am not alone in this.
Here is a little technique that I have found to works wonders (it may be hard to stick to in the beginning). Whenever I plan my weekend like this, it allows for spontaneity and a less stressful weekend, and then somehow the mission-critical stuff is still accomplished (actually, you end up figuring out that some of it is not as critical as you thought and can be scheduled the following week).
Pick your “top 3” items that must to be done. For example, “washing the car”, is something that may be convenient to do on weekends but it’s not critical. If you’re able to get it done, great. If it does not get done, it’s not the end of the world.
Keep the tasks simple–so simple you can remember them all day. Saturday: go grocery shopping, pay bills and vacuum.
Do the crucial stuff first. Let’s say that the most important thing you wanted to accomplish on Saturday, was to make a budget, then just do it first thing. When you put it off, you waste energy worrying about it, which means when you get to it, you have less energy and focus to do it right.
Keep a list for spontaneity. I think this idea is really cool. Make a list of all of things you would like to do on weekends. It can be as little as checking out a new grocery store, that opened recently. If you get bored, just refer to the list and cross them off as you go.
I find this method of not cramming a long wish list into the weekend helpful but the hardest part is remembering to keep the weekend simple. Allow breathing room. The space between chores is where creativity, spontaneity, and even romance can occur. Otherwise, you are only extending your work week… and it is good to have a day off once in a while.
Let me know how you manage your weekends. I would love to hear your thoughts or comments. Don’t forget to subscribe.

One thought on “How Do You Manage Your Weekends?

  1. I work shift work so I don’t normally get a full weekend. One a month or less. I always make one of the weekends is the day I bust my ass and get as much done as possible. No makeup hair or shower. Just up get to all the tasks and then the other day is chill time


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