I Got A New Toy

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a serious fan of cooking and baking. It is a true passion of mine and I would like to think that I'm pretty good at it. I love buying kitchen gadgets and cookware of all sorts and nothing makes me more happy than when I find something … Continue reading I Got A New Toy

Let’s Play A Game

When it comes to my history with video games, owning a Super Nintendo changed my life. That era of gaming, and specifically my time with that console, transformed me into a kid who likes video games into a full-blown gaming enthusiast (at least for me and anything Nintendo related). While growing up, my first memory … Continue reading Let’s Play A Game

Top 10 Drugstore Lip Glosses

Let's give it up for drugstore makeup. Yes, department and specialty stores carry some awesome products you simply can’t live without, but drugstores are a playground for those who like to play around with their look. I am so guilty of that. Plus, we know a ton of brands making great stuff to give those … Continue reading Top 10 Drugstore Lip Glosses

7 Daytime Make-up Mistakes

7 DAYTIME MAKE-UP MISTAKES I’ll be the first to admit it: sometimes, I can get really carried away with getting ready up for the day and it often leaves me wondering whether I’ve overdone it or made makeup mistakes for my daytime look . I have been wearing make-up since I was 12-years-old and I … Continue reading 7 Daytime Make-up Mistakes