Top 10 Eyeliners

Being able to perfect the seamless cat eye can be quite difficult. You need precise lines, a steady hand, and the right tutorial – but above all, it’s imperative to define and fill in your cat eye with the right product. As we all know, you need the perfect gel, liquid or cream black eyeliner. … Continue reading Top 10 Eyeliners

Top 10 Drugstore Lip Glosses

Let's give it up for drugstore makeup. Yes, department and specialty stores carry some awesome products you simply can’t live without, but drugstores are a playground for those who like to play around with their look. I am so guilty of that. Plus, we know a ton of brands making great stuff to give those … Continue reading Top 10 Drugstore Lip Glosses

10 Best Waterproof Mascaras

You should always be prepared for those amazing beach days, a sad movie, or a possible breakup. The ten best waterproof mascaras stay put when you start to get a little misty. They won’t flake, smudge or run so you can rest assured that, even when there may not be a dry eye in the … Continue reading 10 Best Waterproof Mascaras